a stunning facility... a memorable experience
Hamilton. Southern Grampians. Western Victoria.
Large and small scale performances are catered for with ease within the Kantor MPAC.

Large musical and dramatic productions.

The Simons Auditorium is a breathtakingly impressive performance space. With seating for 519, an orchestra pit and a large stage area, it has an exceptionally spacious atmosphere. An adjoining stage-level loading bay provides ample storage and delivery space for sets and equipment. The auditorium boasts full theatre lighting and sound facilities with a fully programmable 24-channel digital audio mixing desk, a large programmable lighting desk, professional recording facilities and winched lighting bars (no fly tower available). All of this can be coordinated from a control booth at the rear of the audience.

Large gatherings. Intimate performances and exhibitions.

The foyer is a prime entrance space perfect for substantial gatherings and smaller performances. It can also be used as a gallery for art exhibitions.

Dressing rooms for performers.

The two green rooms backstage are very spacious and well lit and are ideal dressing rooms with space for a large number of performers at once. They feature mirrored make-up areas and toilet facilities in close proximity. Adjoining doors can be opened to create a larger, versatile space.

Small group rehearsals and tuition.

Break-out rooms include five individual music tuition rooms of various sizes as well as two spacious, beautifully lit classrooms with interactive and traditional whiteboards. These spaces are perfect for small or larger group workshops or forums.

Large group rehearsals.

The Orchestra Room is a large well lit space, permanently set up for group rehearsals. It can also be used for small forums or workshops and also boasts an interactive white board and IT connections for group presentations.

Intimate performances. Dance and production rehearsals.

The Black Box Theatre is a large space with a simple, unadorned design. It offers a flexible performance space that can be used for drama classes, dance and production rehearsals, assessment events, and experimental performances. It is perfect for a more intimate audience experience.